3D Printed Axolotl Tadpole

3D Printed Axolotl Tadpole


3D Printed Axolotl Tadpole

What are Axolotls? Known as the Mexican walking fish, the Axolotl isn’t a fish at all! Axolotls are actually aquatic salamanders.

Measures: Regular 4" long. Keychain 4" long

Printed in rainbow color as shown.

You receive one of each.

Color variation will vary from print to print with this filament.

Other Colors Available Upon Request.

This product is printed using PLA filament which is renewable and biodegradable bioplastic.

3D printed items will sometimes have small superficial inperfections. Each item is made to order and may have slight variations from product image.

This material has some flexibility but may break when dropped or pulled on. For this reason, this product is not recommended for small children. Please handle with care.

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